SmartICE Operator Trainees (Nain)

SmartICE Operator Training Program

We are now recruiting for SmartICE Operator Trainees to take part in the SmartICE Operator Training Program.

In this program trainees will learn the skills and knowledge required to become a SmartICE Operator, including technical operations of the SmartKAMUTIK and SmartBUOY systems, traditional land-based skills for safe sea ice travel, Emergency First-Aid, and communication skills for sharing sea ice information with the community.

SmartICE is training up to four (4) individuals in the role of SmartICE Operator Trainees.

If you fit these criteria, SmartICE is looking for you:

Program Details:


NOTE: Individuals that complete of the SmartICE Operator Training Program are eligible to be hired as part-time SmartICE Operators, but completion of the program does not guarantee a position.

If you are interested, contact Rex Holwell, Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations at phone 922-2074 or email



We're looking for people who are interested in becoming SmartICE operators in Nain. Click below to learn more.

Rex Holwell Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations