Trail Marker and SmartICE Operator


SmartICE is a community sea ice monitoring service operating across Canada’s North SmartICE is partnering with the Department of Labrador Affairs to hire a Trail Marker for the trail from Nain to Natuashish. The Trail Marker will work with the Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations in Nain. 

Trail Marker Duties: 

Operator Duties: 

Qualifications: Must have some knowledge of the trail from Nain to Natuashish. Must be reliable. Operators must have experience traveling on the ice in their community and traditional knowledge of ice and safety practices. Operators must also be experienced using day to day technology such as cellphones, computers, etc. Operators are required to work outdoors, often in severe weather and ice conditions and engage in physically demanding tasks like lifting and driving a snowmobile.

Rate of Pay: 25/hour Duration: January 15th – April 19th, 2024

Interested applicants should reach out to our Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations, Rex Holwell, at


Are you in Nain, Nunatsiavut and interested in working with us?

Rex Holwell Manager of Nunatsiavut Operations