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SmartICE offers a variety of employment positions throughout Canada from coast to coast to coast.

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Equal Opportunity Employment

In the conduct of our work, including during the recruitment and selection process, our Organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, gender or age. It is the intent of the Organization to hire the most qualified staff for each role. The Organization aims to represent the diversity of the local community in an effort to service all stakeholders.

We promote opportunities for beneficiaries everywhere. A part of SmartICE’s social mandate is to strive to hire Indigenous youth who are presented with various barriers to employment. Our policy is to find the best candidates available in the communities that we work in.

“My work term with SmartICE had such a positive impact on my learning experience, and I look back on that co-op very fondly. The social enterprise business model and high level community involvement is something every organization can learn from, and I will carry those principals with importance going forward.”

Sarah Embree, 2020 Intern

“Working with the team at SmartICE has been an amazing learning experience. It has allowed me to put theoretical knowledge to practical use, has taught me to work independently, and has proved to me the value of teamwork in accomplishing a common goal. Iʼm also happy to say that working at SmartICE has opened my view of the business world and has motivated me to push for more ambitious and socially responsible goals once I finish my undergraduate degree. I would like to thank everyone on the SmartICE team for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime; it has been wonderful.”

Angus Marcoux, 2021 Intern