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Ice safety device finds footing

SmartIce recently spoke with Nunavut News North about how our team is growing, our technology is evolving, and our funding base is expanding. Read more here.

Andrew Arreak named one of Motherboard’s ‘Humans of the Year’

Congratulations to SmartICE research coordinator Andrew Arreak on being named one of multimedia publication Motherboard’s ‘Humans of the Year’. The feature focuses on enterprising individuals who have worked on inspiring science and technology projects over the past year. Andrew was not only recognized for this contributions to the SmartICE project, but also for his role in establishing Ikaarvik: Barriers to Bridges, one of SmartICE’s key partners.

Read the full Motherboard article here.



People of the Sea Ice See Cracks Forming

Check out Hakai Magazine’s article on how sea ice variability is threatening the safety and wellbeing of residents in Nain, Nunatsiavut, and how SmartICE technology is being used to help.

SmartICE Wins Arctic Inspiration Prize

SmartICE’s plan to transition into a northern social enterprise got a big boost on December 8th when it was named a laureate of the 2016 Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP). AIP’s total prize award of $1.5 million was shared amongst our SmartICE team and two other groups: The Qarmaapik House and te(a)ch.

The prize is intended for multidisciplinary teams who have made a substantial, demonstrated and distinguished contribution to the gathering of Arctic knowledge and who have provided a concrete plan and commitment to implement their knowledge into real world application for the benefit of the Canadian Arctic, its peoples and therefore Canada as a whole. The AIP recognizes and encourages teamwork and collaboration among diverse groups and organizations, from north and south, in addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of issues of importance to the Canadian Arctic and its peoples.

Our thanks to the AIP Selection Committee, as well as to all our partners and supporters for their hard work in contributing to our successful AIP proposal.

Read more about the AIP and this years laureates here.

And check out coverage of our AIP win by our partners, Memorial University:

Memorial University researcher claims prestigious Arctic Inspiration Prize

Nobel of the North


SmartICE wins Arctic Inspiration Prize!


‘By and for the North.’ $1.5M Arctic Inspiration Prize awarded to 3 projects

Check out this CBC article covering this year’s Arctic Inspiration Prize winners, including SmartICE, which was awarded $400,000 to help evolve into social enterprise SmartICE Inc.

Pilot project making winter travel safer for people in Pond Inlet, Nunavut

Read more about SmartICE’s community-driven research in Nunavut and its focus on building community knowledge in the instruments and techniques used to gather sea-ice data.

Inuit Are Embedding Sensors in the Ice Because It’s Getting Dangerously Thin

Motherboard and Daily Vice offer a double dose of SmartICE coverage, outlining the dangers of thinning sea ice and how SmartICE technology aims to help northern communities cope.

Read the Motherboard article here.

Here’s the Daily Vice video.