Our Data

SmartICE’s Community Operators provide the information gathered by the stationary and mobile sensors to partner communities across Canada’s North.

How it Works

Our system provides invaluable information about sea ice conditions in near real-time. Data gathered by the SmartBUOY and SmartQAMUTIK are available to partner communities across Canada’s North through the Internet and mobile app SIKU (siku.org), as well as through social media, local radio, and printed materials. When combined with traditional knowledge, the shared information helps to reduce the travel risk of unpredictable ice conditions.

Accessing SmartICE Data:

• Sign into SIKU.org and select your location
• Click the SmartICE icon to view the data for either the SmartBUOY or SmartQAMUTIK

Click on each resource below to learn more about accessing SmartICE data through SIKU in both English and Inuktitut.  Sign up for SIKU with the button at the bottom of this page.

SIKU is an Indigenous knowledge social network and is brought to you by the Arctic Eider Society.



SIKU Resources


For more information on SmartICE, contact:

Dave Noseworthy Field Operations Lead, St. John’s