Social Impact

First and foremost, SmartICE supports the needs of communities where we operate. Our source of strength is based on a combination of Indigenous and local knowledge, the latest science using advanced environmental monitoring solutions, and our commitment to economic and social development to support local cultures and livelihoods.

Our social enterprise business model is consistent with Inuit societal values, and commits to maximizing social impact and creating positive community change while collaboratively delivering ice information services with communities, for communities. SmartICE harnesses the vast potential of young Indigenous women and men to embrace science, technology, and Indigenous knowledge as a vehicle for sustainable employment, economic development, and well-being in their communities. SmartICE provides culturally contextualized training programs that are meaningful and effective in supporting northern community members to thrive and prosper.

The up-skilling support provided by SmartICE increases employability. Community members who are trained to operate our on-ice technology acquire technical skills that are broadly transferable. Hiring community operators is critical to ensuring that community members have confidence in SmartICE data, knowing that it was produced by combining Indigenous and local knowledge, and technology that is made in Inuit Nunangat and the Northern Territories.

Northern Production Trainees

At our Northern Production Centre in Nain (Nunatsiavut), we combine technical training and core social-emotional learning to train Inuit youth in building our instrumentation through the Employment Readiness and Technology Development Program. The program is aimed at those youth “not in education, employment or training” (NEET) to reduce barriers for education and employment. As of August 2022, 21 youth have graduated from our program and over 100 skills certificates have been earned.

Interns & Co-op Students

We are a Work Integrated Social Enterprise (WISE) and we host several interns and co-op students from across the country in a variety of faculties and disciplines such as engineering, business, social work, etc.

Social Enterprises

Wherever possible, SmartICE partners with other social enterprises such as Choices for Youth’s The Shop, which manufactures some of our promotional items and crates for our SmartQAMUTIKs.


At the end of each ice season, we highlight the accomplishments of our communities in regional ‘report cards’.  Click on the infographics below to learn more about operations in each region.

Minister of Northern Affairs Dan Vandal tours the Northern Production Centre in Nain, Nunatsiavut and chats with graduates of the Employment Readiness and Technology Development Program.
Minister of Northern Affairs Dan Vandal learns about the impacts of the thinning ice conditions in the North and what SmartICE is doing to help build climate change resilience.

“There is nothing more powerful than two great social enterprise teams working together to change lives for the better! Choices for Youth and SmartICE have been working together since day one, and the results are truly inspiring. A whole new level of collective impact.”


For more information on SmartICE, contact:

Carolann Harding Chief Executive Officer, St. Johnʼs